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Equipping Women in the Philippines


In October 2021, we facilitated a four-day Train the Trainers for our training partner Convoy of Hope Philippines. 17 graduated from this training, and Convoy of Hope selected Anda as a pilot community for the PW Microenterprise Curriculum training roll-out. We are excited to be walking alongside them on this journey! The Municipality of Anda is the only island town of Pangasinan. The town is linked to the municipal mainland through a 400-meter-long bridge across the Kakiputan Channel and is about a six hour drive from Metro Manila.

Thirty-six women who are part of the Mother's Club of Convoy of Hope were selected to be part of the pilot training. The first training session took place in April at one of the residences of a trainee -- "under the mango tree" as they would call it. Since 36 members is a large group, the facilitators decided to split them into two groups, one session was held in the morning, and another session was conducted in the afternoon.

Setting the stage and laying down the foundation for the five weeks of training are Jowey Celzo and Isme Phil, who are both graduates of the Train the Trainers conducted last October 2021. Jowey serves as Municipal Social Welfare & Development Officer (MSDW) at the Local Government Unit of Anda, Pangasinan, and Isme works alongside him in the same office. Our friends from Convoy of Hope shared how the first session went really well; the mothers were receptive and participative throughout the three-hour session. We praise God for open hearts and receptive participants! We are excited to hear more as they continue the training roll-out! We are excited to see these mothers' success as they start and improve their businesses!

Please pray for all those who are part of this endeavor!