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Convoy of Hope Philippines: Dreams Restored for 26 Mothers

Last April, 26 mother volunteers of the Convoy of Hope Children's Feeding Program in Anda, Pangasinan came together to form a "Mothers' Club" to undergo various training to learn new empowering life skills. One such training was the PW Microenterprise Curriculum. Over six weeks in April to mid-May 2022, they met weekly for 3-4 hours in two groups per barangay to learn the transformational power that redemptive business can have in their lives and how God sees business as a calling.

We are excited to report that after completing and graduating from the Partners Worldwide (PW) Microenterprise course, all 26 mothers from Convoy of Hope Philippines' (COHP) Mother's Club received their in-kind grant to either start their business or upscale their existing businesses! 

During their last session in May, our Curriculum Coach and Advisory Board Member for PW Southeast Asia (PW-SEA), Brother Ed Rivera, facilitated the session on the topic ‘Grow’. It was an exciting day as our trainers helped the women complete their business strategy canvases and their final pitch. One of the COHP staff shared that it was heartwarming to see how the participants prepared their business canvas with such an eager expectation for the final presentation. She shared how she was encouraged to see the amount of focus participants had during the breakout groups and consultation time with the mentors. Energy filled the room during the last part of the day, as their business canvas was being prayed for. We could sense emotions soar as these mothers began to dream big dreams again for themselves and their families.  

Even now, we are exploring more ways we can continue to deepen and strengthen our partnership with Convoy of Hope Philippines. We look forward to journeying with them and the people they serve. It is incredible to see what faithful partnership and collaboration can do - women empowered to become entrepreneurs.

Join us in praying with and for us as we all work to end poverty for good here in the Philippines!