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Your gift of a new life for a hardworking single mother.

Thanks to the generosity of friends like you, Judy is an inspiration to many single mothers in her community with her newfound confidence and hope – she is an independent young woman who survived cancer and turned her love for embroidery into a business.

Born and brought up in the cultural capital of Sri Lanka, Kandy, Judy's love for embroidery began at an early age. She loved watching her mother’s hands working in unison to light up the simple fabric with vibrant colors. She picked up the skill at an early age. She was extremely good at it. Her intricate designs beautifully brought out the culture of Sri Lanka, and soon, she became a sought-after designer by local shops.

Judy’s strength and courage to live

After her marriage, Judy quit designing to care for her family and her newborn baby. She was happy to spend time with her child. But things began to take a different turn when she began to fall sick frequently. Her medical examination result wasn’t something she was prepared for. Judy was diagnosed with stage two brain cancer. Her husband left her. Her parents were in no position to support her. She was left all alone in her single-room apartment.

Judy was devastated, but she gathered herself for her only child. She spent her whole savings to receive treatment, survived cancer, and found a job as a handicraft consultant. Years passed by, and Judy struggled hard to put food on the table and provide education for her daughter. Her hand-to-mouth income was hit by COVID-19 and the economic crisis in Sri Lanka.

Access to resources means a new life

As a single mother and a sole provider for her 12-year-old daughter, what Judy wanted was a little help – access to resources and some encouragement. That was when she came across Joseph's Foundation, implementing partner of Leadership in Action (LIA), Partners Worldwide’s local community institution (LCI). She proposed two ideas: using her embroidery skills to make a living and providing embroidery training classes for young girls and women; she believes that when a woman is financially independent, she can support her family and make better decisions about the future.

We were moved by her resilience and sheer determination of Judy. Our LCI, Leadership in Action, worked together with Joseph's Foundation, which equips women with business mentoring and emotional support and guides them to start their entrepreneurial journey.
Because of the partners like you, a small loan was given to Judy to buy necessary materials for her embroidery business and access to sewing machines at Joseph’s Foundation for stitching elegant traditional clothes of Sri Lanka. She began working at lightning speed as plain fabrics emerged with vibrant patterns and uniquely-designed clothing pieces that truly reflect the country’s culture. Within a few weeks, she identified two more like-minded entrepreneurs and worked alongside them to put together a curriculum to provide training for young girls and women on embroidery and sewing.

Your support offered hope and optimism

You are the one who provided the resources for Judy to find herself again - a confident woman to make a decent living and provide comfortably for her daughter’s education. Not to mention, young mothers like Judy are already in the making with her mentorship and training. Over the next months, Judy will continue to receive support and encouragement as she grows in her venture.

Tears welled up when she shared, “I am extremely grateful that I came across you in my life. You accepted me and believed in me that I can do it. And, you provided everything I needed to build the best future for my daughter. I will never forget you in my life. Thank you very much.”

That was the impact you made in Judy’s life.

We need friends like you!

There are many women like Judy who need your help and support. Your donation of USD 300 can bring lasting change in their lives, equip them with necessary skills, support their business growth and lift them out of poverty.