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Lifted out of Poverty & Earning Respect

The beautician course changed my life completely – from earning enough to supporting my family to being respected and valued. When women work, people start to look at us differently. This feeling cannot be described in words. My heart is filled with gratitude and my children are loving every moment of it.“, 30-year-old Parveen began her conversation.

Married at an early age

Parveen has long dreamed of being a beautician. But to help her financially struggling parents, she dropped out of school at an early age and began to work in a clothing shop. Within the next few years, she was forced to get married.

“It is the way it has always been. So, I didn’t talk back or fight with my parents. They said he (husband) is a nice person and earns well, and it would be a peaceful life for me. I got married and moved to Kolkata with him.”

Years rolled by and Parveen became a mother of three children. Peace and happiness were in no way near Parveen’s life. Her alcoholic husband belittled, beat and insulted her every single day.

Your generosity took shape as beautician training

What Parveen wanted was one chance to turn around her life – a simple opportunity. That’s when your generosity came into her life in the form of free beautician training offered by our partner, Cross Culture in Kolkata, India.

At the training, she learned personal grooming, makeup, hair styling, nail arts and spa treatment. She was determined and perseverant throughout her four-month training despite the enormous difficulties at home.

Gained confidence and felt respected

Going out and talking to people at the training centre helped her gain confidence. At the end of the training, she was equipped with technical, consulting and managerial skills, which is a perfect combination to land a job in a parlor or start her own business.

With her voice shaking and tears welling up in her eyes, “I can earn not only money but respect. I will be valued as a human being.”

Parveen was blown away when she heard the news about an employment offer by one of the best parlors in her neighbourhood.

Parveen looks ahead because of extraordinary partners like you

“My fears, worries and uncertainties melted away at that moment. People in the community are looking at me differently. My husband is realizing that I am supporting the family in a big way. I am truly grateful to the people who have supported me, helped me and guided me. My children are living in a peaceful home because of you”, said Parveen with folded hands to express her gratitude.

It is your heart, love and generosity that lifted Parveen from poverty, gave her hope and change her and her family’s future.