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Fish, Bread, and a Ministry Empowered to Serve Others

Pastors Mody and Nyami hold their dried catfish product

Mody and Nyami, husband-and-wife pastors in Samarinda, Indonesia, had no means to support their ministry.

As some of the only Christians in a predominantly Muslim community, they found their only source of income in a forgotten coal mining pond, the dark waters of which sank to depths of nearly 40 meters. They filled the pond with hundreds of catfish to be sold in the local market, but even after years of faithfully managing their farm, they were unable to support their pastoral work.

Joining the Partners Worldwide Network

Faced with the threat of abandoning their ministry, Mody and Nyami turned to Yayasan Wahana Generasi Bintang (YWGB), a local partner of Partners Worldwide that was created from the belief that churches cannot be ignorant of poverty.

Through YWGB, Mody and Nyami received microenterprise training, where they learned essential business principles including how to increase sales, ways to save money, and the importance of communicating with customers.

two people fish from rafts on a dark pond

Creating a New Product

Equipped with newfound business insights, the couple began interviewing customers to see how they could better meet their needs.

When they learned their customers sought an affordable, ready-to-eat source of protein, Mody and Nyami pivoted from selling live fish to packaging and selling shredded catfish.

With the encouragement of YWGB and Partners Worldwide, Pastors Mody and Nyami continued to innovate, creating a catfish-filled bread known as panada, which became a hit in their local community.

These new products did more than provide for the couple’s material needs; they served to build relationships across boundaries.

“We are glad to be able to share God’s blessings with others,” said the couple. “We also feel confident to do discipleship in the marketplace now.”

Mody and Nyami and their business team

The Power of the Partners Worldwide Network

Without the Partners Worldwide network, these hard-working pastors would have been forced to give up their ministry. You make it possible for thousands of entrepreneurs like Mody and Nyami to transform their lives and communities.