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It Takes All of Us to End Poverty for Good

We have an ambitious goal: 1 million redemptive businesses, 3 million jobs, and 15 million people leaving poverty behind by 2030. 

Reaching this goal will take the support of our network and a strong team that is positioned to equip our partners around the world. That’s why we’re excited to share our recent staffing updates with you. Here are the ways new roles and new staff members will work toward our shared vision of a world where everyone can flourish—and how you might be the next person to partner with us. 


Ecuador Partnership Manager 

Partnerships are at the heart of what we do. Karina Jaramillo recently joined our team to build healthy partnerships and work with local community organizations in her role as Ecuador Partnership Manager. She brings years of experience in business and the tourism industry and a contagious enthusiasm for coaching and developing others. 



Responding to the evolving needs of our partnerships takes people with the capacity to grow. As staff develop, they have the opportunity to take on new roles to better serve our partners. Debbie Velis moved into the role of Partership Accelerator. Her work focuses on equipping Partnership Mangers, Business Affiliates, and Local Community Institutions for successful partnership. Similarly, Arnaud Muhimpundu has taken on the role of Access to Knowledge Accelerator. In this role, Arnaud will improve knowledge-sharing across our network, identify training support needs, and find ways to scale the impact PW’s global training curricula and people resources. 


Engagement Manager, Pacific Southwest 

Strengthening these partnerships takes a network of support. As Engagement Manager for the Pacific Southwest, Gabe Landes joined our team to strengthen relationships with people whose generosity fuels our partnerships, including donors and Business Affiliate volunteers. Gabe brings more than 20 years of experience as a business owner and has led non-profit teams in a volunteer capacity as well. 


MarCom Team 

As we build networks of people united to end poverty, the power of partnership is a message we can’t help but share! Landon Weldy and Megan Herrema joined our Marketing and Communications team to share the life-changing impact of partnership for people facing poverty and highlight the ways people like you can get involved. 

You Might Be Our Next Team Member 

We’re not done gearing up for growth. Combatting poverty on this scale will take new partnerships nourished by skilled team members as diverse as the regions we work in. If you’re excited by the vision of a world without poverty, check out our recent job postings and see where your skills and experience could fit. We’re excited for you to partner with us. 

United States Partnership Manager 

Zambia Partnership Manager 

Kenya Partnership Manager

IT Support Specialist