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Ripples of Redemption: David’s Water Transport Business

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After 20 years in the financial industry, David was laid off at the onset of the pandemic. Suddenly, David and his wife, Anita, had no way to provide for their family—no way to pay the mortgage on their home, the loan on their car, or school fees for their three teenage sons. 

David knew his family wasn’t the only one facing difficulties. For many in Jakarta, capital city of Indonesia, water was at top of mind. Only half of the city’s 10 million inhabitants have access to piped water; those without access are forced to pay exorbitant prices from private sellers. To compensate, some have tried extracting their own groundwater, an illegal practice that has caused the city to sink over 13 feet in the past twenty years. Presently, over 40% of Jakarta lies below sea level. This number only continues to grow, placing the city at extreme risk of flooding during monsoon season.  

As he witnessed these challenges firsthand, David was offered a job with a similar salary to his previous position. But he turned it down, convicted that God wanted him to start a business which could provide a solution to the struggles his community faced. This solution, David knew, could also be the answer to his own family’s financial challenges. All he needed was the right partner. 

Developing His Idea with PW  

In late 2020, David connected with a local partner of Partners Worldwide, ERC Care (formerly GBI Sawangan), through which he had the opportunity to take the PW Microenterprise business training.  

During the training, David further developed the concept for his business and planned for its launch. He recalled stories about water from the Bible, particularly when Jesus said, "Whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.”  (John 4:14) 

David realized that his business could provide more than just a physical need—it could be a ministry.  

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Living Water 

In January 2021, David—together with his partners Manuel and Garry—launched Depo Air Hidup, which translates to “Living Water.” Tankers bring water from Manuel and Garry’s mountain spring into Jakarta where, at a small water refill station, they provide affordable, high-quality water to a densely populated area.  

The quality of his service was so great that just three months after launching his business, customers approached David asking if they could operate their own water refill stations as part of his franchise. To date, David’s business has 13 operational branches, with 6 more branches in development. David employs 54 people, whom he nurtures with the values of redemptive business, and who join him in reaching people in the wider community. To date, Depo Air Hidup has won three awards for best franchise as well as back-to-back awards for best business potential. 

Multiply the Light of People like David 

Because of people like you, David launched his business as a redemptive entrepreneur. Now he can provide for his family, meet a vital need in his community, and employ others—what a powerful testimony of the impact of one redemptive business owner! Join us in multiplying the light of more entrepreneurs like David by making a gift today.