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Alexander’s Faith-Infused Coaching


Something was missing. Everywhere Alexander looked in his hometown of Guatemala City, he saw a need to provide a safe and supportive space where people could explore their dreams, overcome obstacles, and discover their true purpose.  

Doubt Seeps In

Inspired, Alexander founded Emotivate Life Plan Coaching, a business to serve as a catalyst for positive change, providing people with the tools, strategies, and support they needed to transform their lives. Yet as Alexander helped others overcome their obstacles, he found himself facing challenges of his own.  

As someone without any business training, Alexander questioned whether he had what it took to guide and support others on their journey. These thoughts of self-doubt were compounded by a growing sense that his business was missing something. Eventually, his business fell apart altogether.  

And then there were his struggles at home. His relationship with his wife was in shambles and his children suffered because of it. Alexander wanted to rebuild his family and create a deeper meaning in his work, but he didn’t know how.   

The Missing Piece

Through a local partner of PW, Lluvias de Gracia (Rains of Grace) church, and their business support ministry, Businesses of the Kingdom, Alexander identified the missing piece in his puzzle.  

“I recognized the need for a personal encounter with Christ and the Holy Spirit,” he said. “I longed for personal and spiritual transformation that went beyond mental growth and was rooted in my identity as a child of God. Through this process of seeking and surrender, I experienced a profound transformation that impacted all areas of my life: my relationship with God, my family, and my calling.”  

This realization changed Alexander’s life. His relationship with his family became restored by God’s grace and his purpose as an entrepreneur took on new meaning. Thanks to his time with Partners Worldwide and Businesses of the Kingdom, Alexander knows he is called to serve others in a way that not only transforms their external lives but also touches their hearts and souls through the truth and love of God.   

Developing His Skills 

With his calling identified, Alexander set to work growing the skills to live it out. Through the network of support at Businesses of the Kingdom, Alexander developed his business skills, enrolling in and graduating from the PW microenterprise training.   

Like all true entrepreneurs, Alexander started another business. Combining Alexander’s business know-how with his wife’s cooking skills, they’ve built a vibrant food business. They have been blessed to serve God and others through business. And best of all, he’s about to start a second business—a re-launch of his newly Christ-centered coaching business. 

A Refuge Infused with Faith 

A network of Christ-centered businesspeople put Alexander on the path out of hardship—and he’s excited to do the same for others! Thanks to Alexander’s time with Lluvias de Gracia, he has become inspired to integrate Christian principles into his work, guiding people toward holistic and spiritual growth.  

His goal is to provide a space where people find tools and guidance to overcome emotional imbalances. “This institute will be more than a training center,” he said. “It will be a spiritual and emotional refuge where people find inspiration, healing, and growth in all areas of their lives. I long to see individuals experience profound and lasting change in their lives, empowered by the truth and love of God.”  

Multiply the Lights

Alexander invites others to join the Partners Worldwide mission of transforming lives through entrepreneurship, saying, “Together, we can be catalysts for deep and lasting changes in the lives of many people.”  

Will you accept Alexander’s invitation to equip more entrepreneurs to shine? Join us in multiplying the light of people like Alexander by making a gift today.