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Education and Entrepreneurship: Jackson’s Journey

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Jackson never thought of himself as an entrepreneur. Wanting to make a positive change in society, he spent the early days of his career teaching in the school systems of Nairobi, Kenya, alongside his wife, a fellow educator. With two children of their own, the couple wished to empower local children with the ability to contribute meaningfully to their community. 

But as the years passed, Jackson realized he could have a greater impact through business. And not just any business: he was going to open his own school. 

Together with his wife, Jackson opened a school in 2014, offering education to learners from Pre-K through Junior High. Today, the school boasts a student population of 400 and employs 28 people: 24 teachers and 4 staff.  

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Struggling to meet demand  

Jackson’s school finds itself ahead of the competition thanks to excellent results in national examinations, fair pricing, and good rapport with staff and parents.  

However, running the school wasn’t without its challenges. To stay competitive, Jackson’s school offered a transportation service, which was essential in attracting and retaining new learners. But by 2022, the growing student population was threatening to overwhelm Jackson’s transportation capabilities. He needed another van to address this increasing demand, or else face losing students.  

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Enabling children to thrive 

Jackson became connected with Adjacent Possible Finance—a local partner of Partners Worldwide—through a former client of theirs. Thanks to this partner, Jackson was able to attain a loan for a new van, which has since enabled him to attract more families to his school and provide a growing number of children with the skills they need to thrive. 

Jackson believes that God intended him to become connected with PW, a connection he hopes to cultivate into a long-lasting relationship. Once the van is paid off, Jackson hopes to take on another loan, one which will enable him to add new classrooms to his school. 

Thank You for Helping Jackson Create Impact 

Jackson’s story is just one of thousands that have been made possible through your invaluable support. From mentoring and donations to prayer and partnership, we are grateful for all that you do to support the work of PW around the world.