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Sweet Success: Nathlyn’s Journey from Home Baker to Entrepreneur


After two years of delighting family members and close friends with frozen desserts and baked goods, Nathlyn (pictured left) decided to officially launch her business. Headquartered in Trinidad and Tobago, “Seaton’s Family Delights & Frozen Treats” opened its doors in 2018 and quickly became a hit.  

In addition to selling her products to individual customers, Nathlyn catered for special events. And, as the business grew, Nathlyn secured a long-term contract with a local church to provide breakfast for the men’s group every week. She purchased new equipment to ensure her supply could meet the growing demand. 

Then came the unexpected. 

Starting From Scratch

Covid-19 struck Trinidad and Tobago. In-person gatherings stopped, abruptly ending Nathlyn’s contract with the church. Demand plummeted. In the end, Nathlyn, her husband, and her four children ended up moving to a new city.  

As her family navigated life in a new place, Nathlyn asked God for guidance on how to continue her business. She had lost her customer base, and the lockdown made it hard to connect with her new neighbors. Suddenly, she had an idea. As things turned virtual during the lockdown, so did Nathlyn’s marketing efforts.  

She decided to use social media to her advantage, joining groups on social media to connect to people nearby. Her husband, a professional photographer, helped capture images of her delicious products to entice potential customers. 

Nathlyn’s business was gaining traction again; however, she still didn’t feel confident enough in her abilities to take it to the next level.  

Nathlyn baked treat
Nathlyn frozen treat

Tasting God's Faithfulness

Then one day, Nathlyn was invited to participate the Good Manufacturing Practices program offered by a local partner of Partners Worldwide, Network of Christians in Business (NCB).  

During this program, offered through a grant with the US Embassy, Nathlyn learned how to properly handle food, how to make better purchases for the business, how to monitor the shelf life of the products she buys and manufactures, and how to capitalize on economic growth opportunities. The program also included visits from a Good Manufacturing Practices expert from the US to make recommendations and ensure the business followed guidelines.  

Furthermore, Nathlyn’s enduring relationship with NCB has enabled her to grow her customer base and increase sales—not just in her community but through delivery as well. 

Now part of a global network and equipped with the confidence and knowledge to manage her business, Nathlyn continues to delight individual customers and larger groups in the South of Trinidad and Tobago with her tasty treats. From homemade ice cream and cinnamon twists to her famous pumpkin bread and coconut rolls, Nathlyn’s desserts are a taste of home for all who discover them.