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Celebrating Women-Focused Partnerships

Partners Worldwide (PW) aspires to end poverty so that all may have life and have it abundantly. We pursue this vision with a global network of 78 local partner institutions (LCIs) who served over 250,000 entrepreneurs last year—a majority (53%) of whom are women. 

We know that women are key to the economic wellbeing of their families, communities, nations, and the world. As we approach Interational Women’s Day, join us in celebrating the work of our partners who offer unique solutions so that women have the resources they need to grow their business, sustain their families, and impact their communities so that all can have abundant life. 

Enat bank

Ethiopia: Enat Bank 

Enat Bank empowers women while providing all clients with excellent service. Founded by 11 Ethiopian women, it is 64% women owned and women fill many of the major leadership positions. Its name of ‘mother’ signifies their commitment to taking care of each of their clients. 

Recognizing the unique financial challenges that women face, Enat Bank provides innovative banking solutions tailored to women. One such solution is a Collateral Savings Account for women without access to collateral. National and international organizations—private and governmental—can deposit a certain amount of money for a period of time which the bank uses a guarantee for women entrepreneurs who lack collateral.  

Along with and Ethiopian Kale Heywot Church (EKHC), we joined in partnership with Enat Bank in 2023 to connect women entrepreneurs with financial access. By joining us in partnership with Enat Bank, you link women to resources to grow their businesses and sustain their families. 

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Philippines: Samaritana Transformation Ministries 

For more than 30 years, Samaritana Transformation Ministries has walked alongside women at risk of trafficking and sexual exploitation. Using a holistic approach, they offer practical resources as well as community, counseling, and discipleship. Samaritana’s vision is women in nurturing relationships, becoming whole, restored, and empowered in Christ, helping to transform communities towards a society free from trafficking and exploitation. 

Gender inequality, unemployment, under-education, and economic disparity are all factors that can force women into cycles of exploitation. Samaritana addresses these root causes by economically empowering women. They provide access to employment opportunities and livelihood skills training with the support of Partners Worldwide and its Business Affiliates. They also connect women with mentoring, additional capital, advocacy and other resources. 

Through partnership with Samaritana, you equip women with the tools and support needed to break free from cycles of exploitation and live with resiliency and dignity. 

Gbehlay-Geh wet land

Liberia: Gbehlay-Geh Rural Women Cooperative 

Gbehlay-Geh Rural Women Cooperative is a coop of rural women based in Nimba County, Liberia. The group formed in 2005 when group leader Annie Kruah realized women in her community needed to be equipped to provide stability and economic wellbeing for their families.  

The group focuses on agriculture, mainly producing rice, cassava and palm oil. They also own and operate a rice mill, purchasing and processing rice for the local market.  

One way the Partners Worldwide model of partnership is uniquely able to support the Gbehlay-Geh Women’s Co-op is through the encouragement and experience of an all-women Business Affiliate (BA) Team from Iowa. Together with the BA team, the Co-op is working to enhance organizational and management skills and increase their working capital to purchase more rice and increase members’ income.  

Working Together Toward Abundant Life 

These partnerships are just a few of the organizations we’re honored to work alongside who are committed to empowering women. By providing innovative solutions for the unique challenges faced by women entrepreneurs, these partners are not only empowering women but also creating impact within families and communities. Together, we can continue creating a future where everyone can have life and have it abundantly!