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These Delicious Drinks Empowered an Entrepreneur to Provide for Her Family

Godiya transformed a simple idea at church into a thriving business.
Godiya transformed a simple idea at church into a thriving business.

Godiya’s journey as an entrepreneur began, of all places, at church.  

At her congregation’s frequent events, she recognized a consistent demand for chilled drinks. Suddenly she was struck by an idea: by starting her own business, Godiya was able to meet not only the needs of her church community but those of her family, too. 

She lived with her family in Jos, Nigeria. With four children to provide for, Godiya and her husband struggled to afford tuition and other school fees. Yet Godiya was determined to find a solution.  

Now, with God’s grace, she had one. 

Godiya's Solution

Godiya’s solution was a drink called kunu, a popular Nigerian grain-based beverage. Typically made with millet, ginger, cloves, and sugar, kunu is a nutritious drink full of fiber, protein, and vitamins. Additionally, she made a hibiscus-based drink called zobo. 

 From her initial sales, Godiya earned an additional 80,000 Naira ($53 USD), yet she knew her business needed to grow if she was to properly meet the needs of her church and family.  

What she needed was a partner. 

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Expanding her business through partnership 

Determined to improve her business, Godiya enrolled in a training program held by Light Microfinance Bank—a local partner of Partners Worldwide—where she was equipped with the essential skills and knowledge to run her business more effectively.  

But her relationship with Light MFB didn’t end there. Light invested in Godiya, providing her with a loan for 500,000 Naira ($330 USD). This loan enabled Godiya to purchase her necessary ingredients in bulk rather than make daily trips to the market.  

Through this investment, Godiya was able to expand her business beyond her expectations. Her drinks are on their way to being certified by the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control, and she now supplies her products to other churches beyond her own.  

With such growth, Godiya earns nearly twice as much as she did before. Through this increased income, Godiya overcame her obstacles to school tuition. And with her savings, she invested back into her business, purchasing a machine to process rice and corn.  

Today, Godiya is a blessing to both her family and her community, where she provides smiles one drink at a time. 

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