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How Chickens Helped Febelsa Inspire Her Community

Febelsa and chickens

Febelsa was no stranger to hard work. The 21-year-old lived with her husband and three children in the rural district of Rapale, Mozambique, where she worked hard to provide for her family.  

But Febelsa had more than her immediate family to worry about. There were also her parents—retired government workers—as well as her older brother to look after. As their financial situation was unsustainable, Febelsa took it upon herself to do something about it. 

Investing in Febelsa’s Future 

When a community survey identified her as a great candidate to invest in, Febelsa seized the opportunity. She completed poultry training offered by Ebenezer, a partner of Partners Worldwide that specializes in training aspiring farmers through a holistic approach, rooted in biblical principles. Subsequently, she received a loan of 500 chickens from Africa Works, another partner of Partners Worldwide, which strives to provide economic empowerment in the name of Christ. These chickens were produced by New Horizons, a third PW partner. 

The collaboration of these partners showcases the power of the Partners Worldwide network coming together. Together, they enable entrepreneurs to provide for their families and be active participants and transformational leaders in their rural communities.  

Through these partners, Febelsa now had the resources she needed to begin her journey as a poultry farmer.

Supporting Her Family and Her Community 

With faith and diligence, Febelsa nurtured her flock. Through her newfound income, she provided food security for her family and savings through which they could weather any medical expenses. Additionally, Febelsa was able to help pay for her brother’s education—who, in return, helped her raise the birds. 

Febelsa hopes to further develop her entrepreneurial skills and grow her business from 500 to 1,000 birds so that she can employ more young people in need throughout her community.