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Relationships and Knowledge Enabled a Cook to Put Food on the Table

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Along with growing her business, Nyai gained new confidence as a leader in her community.

Like so many others around the world, Nyai’s life was turned upside-down by the COVID-19 pandemic. Before coronavirus struck, she cared for her daughter at home while her husband worked as an air-conditioning technician. Yet as Indonesia faced widespread job cuts, Nyai’s husband was soon without a job and her family was without an income.  

Nyai grappled with the challenge of ensuring her family’s survival. She used what little savings she had to begin selling homemade cakes at local shops. Yet her savings soon dried up and again Nyai was left without the security of an income.

Encouraged by the Partners Worldwide Network 

Things turned around when Nyai met David, a member of the Partners Worldwide network. Like Nyai’s husband, David was laid off during the pandemic, which led him and business partners Manuel and Garry to launch Air Hidup (Living Water), a water refilling business in Jakarta. Nyai accepted a job at the water refilling station, where she absorbed invaluable knowledge about business through constant dialogue and discussion.  

This newfound confidence and knowledge led to her election as the Chairperson of the Parent-Teacher Association at her daughter's school in 2023 for 3 years, a role which required leading meetings at the mayor's office. 

 Nyai came to realize that while being an employee offered stability, being an entrepreneur meant utilizing her God-given talents. And so, encouraged by David and interested in returning to her journey as an entrepreneur, Nyai enrolled in the Partners Worldwide microenterprise training program.

Nyai receives a business training certificate from a Partners Worldwide training partner
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A Bright Future 

Following her graduation from the business curriculum, Nyai conducted surveys within her community and identified the need for dishes like nasi uduk (coconut rice), lontong sayur (rice cake with vegetables), and iced drinks. Through these insights, Nyai was able to fill a need in her community, put food on the table, and secure a brighter financial future for her family. 

Through resilience, and the support of coaches like David and Manuel, Nyai has grown into a confident entrepreneur, fueled by the desire to create a better life for her family and contribute positively to the community.