Dear friends,

20 years!

That’s how long Partners Worldwide has faithfully pursued a world without poverty. A milestone like this could be celebrated by looking back, but our mission keeps us focused on the future.

Thanks to God’s guiding hand—and you, our supporters—we continue to grow our network, empower local institutions, and sharpen our strategy by the day. We’ve seen how business training changes lives and how mentoring empowers entrepreneurs to multiply their impact.

Managing our resources wisely is an important part of making this happen. That’s why we seek to be good stewards of what we receive, knowing that every investment brings us one step closer to ending poverty for good.

I’m thrilled to share with you stories, highlights, and our financial summary from 2016. In this unfolding report, you’ll read about our partnerships at work, along with lives that have changed for good. You’ll see where we’re at and learn about the destination we have our eyes set on.

What’s it all unfolding to? You’ll have to reach the end of the report to find out!

The last 20 years have been a blessing to countless lives, especially mine—and we have even more to look forward to.

Doug Seebeck
President, Partners Worldwide


For 20 years, it’s been our mission and our vision. Now, it’s real and in our sights.

By the year 2030, poverty can be history. We believe it’s possible and world organizations have said it, too. If we work hard, and ramp up our efforts, we could see the end of abject poverty in our lifetime. We’re greatly encouraged by the progress that has been made, yet know there’s a lot of work still to be done.

Our first 20 years were about creating and refining a model, building a network, and fervently working with God’s will in mind. The next 20 will be even more crucial. That’s why we’re looking forward—to the future that’s unfolding before our eyes.

Ending poverty takes more than a proven model—it takes funding and support. Every dollar brings us a bit closer to our ultimate goal, and we are truly grateful for the donors and supporters who make our work to end poverty possible.

Our 3-Way Model

We’re making strides toward ending poverty with our 3-way model leading the way. Working together, Partners Worldwide staff, our volunteer Business Affiliates, and Local Community Institution partners are impacting more businesses and reaching more entrepreneurs than ever before.

With our eyes firmly set on 2030, we’ll continue to strengthen focus on four strategic initiatives: mentoring, training, advocacy, and access to capital. We’ll persevere in developing long-term, hands-on relationships, as we’ve seen firsthand the difference they make.

Let’s make one thing clear. When it comes to ending poverty, we mean business—the method God has called us to. With resolute action, we’ll keep working to change the way people view economic development, breaking the long-standing mold of one-way aid and charity.

Our 3-way model is intimately connected. One component works because of the other, yet each has unique stories to tell. We hope you’ll find encouragement and inspiration in each one here.



Hopeline Institute began as a small group of women working together under the shade of a tree in Accra, Ghana. Today, Hopeline is a model Local Community Institution (LCI) and arguably the fastest-growing in our network. How has this LCI been so successful? Look no further than Fanny Atta-Peters.

Fanny’s faith in God and passion for empowering marginalized women led her to start Hopeline in 2007. Knowing women in her community had a low earning potential and face a society that denies them basic economic resources, Fanny set out to provide business training and mentoring.

Under Fanny’s leadership, the group has thrived. In 2010, Hopeline connected with Partners Worldwide. Having additional resources, knowledge, and financial support to draw from, Fanny and her small team grew, dramatically increasing the number of people they could reach.

Since those days under the tree shade, Hopeline has blossomed into a microfinance bank and highly demanded training program. They’ve consulted with large institutions and have been featured in documentaries. They do trainings four days per week—each one filled to capacity.. To date, Hopeline has served 12,000 clients—many of whom have grown their micro-businesses into a small or medium enterprise.

Local Community Institutions like Fanny’s are proof that the passion is there, it just takes a partnership to unlock its amazing potential.



Hector Euceda built his furniture company with support from Business Affiliates Global de Empresarios en Pacto (GEP) and Creating Jobs in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. His furniture was selling, demand was increasing, and Hector began hiring more people.Then, the unpredictable happened—a fire destroyed his entire factory. With no insurance to cover the damage, Hector lost everything. Years of hard work were reduced to ashes.

In a time when many would give up, Hector remained optimistic, heeding the words of his pastor: “During a crisis, humans are to be developed and shaped.”

That’s when Hector met a godsend and local mentor named Saul. Through mentoring, guidance, and financial support, Saul helped Hector get his business back on track. Saul invested in Hector, Hector trusted Saul, and the two formed an inseparable bond.

Despite the odds, Hector’s factory re-opened only three months after the fire. Hector now employs 20 people and dreams of one day employing 2,000!

Hector and Saul show us the power of mentorship and the value of long-term relationships. Their story exemplifies the connection our model makes possible—with brothers and sisters partnering together to fulfill their calling to business.



In the days following Hurricane Matthew’s crushing landfall in Haiti, we received bad news. Our partners in the southwestern peninsula had been hit hard, with the city of Jérémie completely devastated. In the immediate aftermath, nearly 1,000 individuals in our network desperately lacked basic necessities. We were surprised by the storm, but not by what happened next.

Our staff, volunteer Business Affiliates, and Local Community Institution partners in Haiti sprung into action. Partners Worldwide U.S. staff members Michele Edwards and Dave Genzink collaborated with Cassandre Honoré Paul (our Partnership Manager in Haiti), assembling a list of Haitian businesses selling food and supplies to encourage relief organizations to purchase locally.

After disseminating the list, we deployed a relief convoy to provide locally-made survival kits to 950 families in our network who had not yet received aid. All supplies in the kit were sourced from Haitian businesses—infusing much-needed cash into the economy. Other Partners Worldwide local partners in Haiti that were less impacted by the hurricane joined the convoy. Working side by side, our staff, volunteer Business Affiliates, and Haitian partners traversed ravaged roads to reach those in need with prayer, encouragement, and life-saving aid.

While the dust has settled, we’re still working to restore and and rebuild businesses. Michelet is one business owner now back on his feet. Without the support he received from our network, Michelet said, “There would have been no way for me to get back in business.”

The disaster of Hurricane Matthew demonstrates the power of our 3-way, relationship-based model. In a time of crisis, our network came together and took immediate action to serve our partners in Haiti.


The Heart of the Model:
Leni’s Story

Leni’s husband is a train operator overseas. Despite the long hours,he barely makes enough to cover the family’s expenses. Struggling to support six daughters, Leni began selling health products to supplement their income.

Success didn’t come easy. Leni lacked the training to launch and properly manage her business. There was also the cultural pressure of supporting her extended family, a reason many businesses in the Philippines fail. Then, Leni found the training she desperately needed from CCT Credit Cooperative and Partners Worldwide. The health and outlook of her business changed entirely.

Leni went from running a small retail business to managing a network of four distributors and 40 retailers, most of whom are also mothers and housewives. She began earning enough to provide for her family, employ others, and contribute to her church and its children’s program.

To further serve her community, Leni started a CCT savings and fellowship group. “I know this is God’s plan,” Leni says. “Without God, I would not be involved in this ministry and I could not run the fellowship group.” People used to shy away from Leni because of her Christian faith. Today, they come to the group, eager to talk about business and money matters.

We see this all the time—an empowered entrepreneur who not only helps their immediate family, but serves their neighbors too. With the support and encouragement of CCT Credit and Partners Worldwide, partners like Leni are opening doors and leading the change in their communities.


One last thing.

Ending Poverty For Good will be an incredible feat for our world, a day when all will have life and have it abundantly. What a day that will be! We felt compelled to write a creed, a manifesto, a guide to that goal, calling together organizations and individuals to rally together as we End Poverty for Good. You will find that below. If you would like a poster sent to you, reach out to us at or by connecting with us on social.


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