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2017-18 Metrics: Creating New Jobs, Every Hour of the Day

Let’s start with the big picture: last fiscal year, the Partners Worldwide global network created 9,319 brand new jobs.

That’s 776 new jobs every month, 179 new jobs every week, and 25 new jobs every single day.

Each hour that flies by, a new job is created by one of the partners in our 30+ country global network.

That means, in the time that it takes to wait in the airport security line, one new job has been created somewhere in the world.

In the time it takes Dennis Kimetto to run 26.2 miles, two new jobs are created.

While you binge-watched a season of your favorite Netflix series, fifteen new jobs were created.

Our global network is literally an around-the-clock movement of lives being changed and families finding their way out of poverty and into opportunity. And as we remind ourselves each year when we look at our global indicators, every number represents a name, a story, and a family.

Plus, job creation has a multiplying impact, as we know that every job supports an average of five family members—often more.

Whether it’s in a mega city of 20 million people or a rural village hours from the electric grid, every job matters and is to be celebrated.

In addition to creating 9,319 brand new jobs, check out the other impacts our global network achieved last year:

2017-2018 PW Metrics Infographic 8.5x11-1

So, let’s take a moment to reflect on the amazing network we have the privilege of serving around the world—from coffee farmers in Nicaragua to retail businesses in Nepal, from savings groups in Zimbabwe to startups in Seattle, and everywhere in between—it’s been an incredible year serving alongside you.

While we thank our local partners, we also want to thank our generous supporters. Whether you give of your time or your financial resources, this impact would not be possible without you. Thank you for your faithful partnership and for believing that a world without poverty is possible!